It Isn’t The End (Never Is, I’m Just Being Dramatic Per Norm)

  This is where we’re at, people. Mondays are hard, math is brutal, and people can be jerks. It’s not even Monday anymore. smh Today is just one of those days that you want to end as quickly as possible. Work has gotten 10 times stressful, the people who I’m supposed to be collaborating with ended […]

Letters Arranged Into Words Arranged Into Sentences Arranged Into Lines

  Or in other words, a post of poems. XD Hope you enjoy this drabble of words! ********************* Ice Cream Too sweet Tastes like summer and winter and spring all in one Too cold A heap of freshly fallen snow Too soon It gets smaller and smaller until All gone A cone to remember ********************* […]

The 23rd Of December… Make That 24th

Was it a bad idea that I ate two slices of ice cream cake at 12 AM? Probably. Am I regretting anything yet? Nope. Will I? Hope not. Ahem. It’s the 24th of December. In other words, Christmas Eve. In other words, release day of Christmas Chances. But before we get to the debut of […]

November Is Over

Mercy, dreadful apparition! Don’t you go spreading lies, it’s not December yet. New year’s Day was yesterday, you big scary ghost called Time! Oh. Heh. Yeah, sorry, I’ll just go take that back. My bad.     Someone start telling time to slow down please. I can’t believe it’s already December. Also known as the […]

Why Taking Things For Granted Is A Sad, Sad Thing

There was no water coming out of the already opened spout. I twisted the knobs back and forth for a good two minutes before I realized it was shut off. To be fair, we did see it coming. We were aware that the water would be off for maintenance and would open sometime soon. Mom […]

HARPs 6! My Favorite Things… To Do, That Is!

Hey y’all! It’s Jo, and I’m back for the 6th round of HARPs, hosted by Starling! Happy Monday to ya!   Anyway, the topic is to list my favorite ___________ (fill in the blank)! So let’s start, with: My Favorite Things To Do! Designing Pins! Ah, Pinterest. The ultimate place to dream about what you […]