Stop Tagging Me Y’all, I Can’t Run That Fast!

So, I didn’t know that Faith also started blogging on the 19th, and also did a celebratory post on it, which happened to be the Liebster Award, and that she tagged me until I scrolled through my comments. XD (Happy blogsiversary by the way, Faith!) So here we are. *rubs hands together*  This should be…. […]

What This Blogger Was Up To In The Past (And what she’s up to in the present…)

  (Also known as roasting my first posts..) Was I gonna post this early and be all nice and productive? Yes. Did I accidentally spend a bit too much time trying to figure out a schedule for life and having “I’m Not Here” playing on repeat because it’s like the exact representation of a charrie […]

A Collab With Enni About The 101’s of Captain Jack Sparrow-ing

  Surprised to see a title like that from a blog like this? Me too, to be honest. Me too. In all honesty, the idea of talking about a film series I haven’t watched in ages never crossed my mind until a few days ago, when Enni and I thought it be a good idea […]

Invincible (BIBPC Cat. 7, A Wee Post, And An Explanation)

I’ve committed the unforgiveable sin of posting twice a day and for that, I must apologize. XD But since technically this is a BIBPC post, it doesn’t count, right? 😀 Well, sorry anyway. 😛 And now for my final picture for Megan’s awesome contest! It’s weird, I know. For the prompt invincible… An.. ant. And not in […]

I Call Myself A Writer

Today, or at least this month, marks an entire year I started to write seriously. One year of looking at screens and seeing my story come to life. One year of playlists. One year of bacon crumbles. One full year since Gale Darn became Gale Darn. One year of hopelessly wanting to meet characters. One […]

Letter to my future self

So a while back, I saw Bayance do a post like this, and I thought it was a really great idea. Since I’m young and impressionable (I’m being sarcastic) and the idea of writing something that I’ll answer later on seems pretty neat. Because the truth is, I’m terrified, yet eager for the future. I’m […]

An Cringey Interview With An Unusually Calm Child, Plus Aesthetic Snow Pictures (not)

For a second there I thought I was on the new editor and I panicked a bit. I HATE the new editor. 😛 Happy Sunday fellow friends, countryfolks, and bloggers and nonbloggers! Anyway, last night I couldn’t sleep, so I used the surefire way to make anyone sleepy: brainstorming blogging ideas. You can guess how […]

Scribble Scrabble: My Unsuccessful Attempts At Art, BIBPC Cat. 6, And Ducky

  I am not an artist. I can’t paint for the life of me, sketching is a terrible horrible mess, and my last attempt at sketching a person they thought I was doing a self portrait. So looking back at my old sketches is… interesting, to say the least. You know those lovely eye sketches […]

New from the Audiosmiths!

First and only order of business: After hours and hours of excruciating (read: 12 hours of splicing) work, there’s a new audio drama out on the channel, and we’d be seriously eternally grateful if you could give that a listen! And a like, but that’s not really necessary. XD Watch it here:     I […]

Scribble Scrabble: It’s the happy little things.

Happy Monday, friends, countrymen, WordPress bloggers, and the people who plan to take over the world! Here’s a bunch of random happy stuff for ya. 😉 Because sometimes it’s good to smile at stuff most people wouldn’t think much of. Maddy’s hosting a giveaway! Yeppidy-yup-yup, Maddy’s having a giveaway, and you could even consider it […]