Tiny Weekend Thoughts



This weekend, look out for someone other than yourself.  Or. just make it a point to. Period. 🙂

It’s been a hard week, let’s not kid ourselves. For me, at least, yesterday was a roller coaster of emotions, but make that roller coaster break off the tracks and veer ever so quickly dangerously down a man-made, realistic looking cliff and into a valley of sharp pointy rocks. *shudders*

Oh, and there’s snapping turtles. *extra shudders*

However, we’re not here to focus on yesterday. (at least, I hope not. If we were, I suppose I crumpled up the memo and tossed it into the fire. :P) We’re here to focus on today.

Today could have a dozen different opportunities waiting for you to find them. Today could have Extraordinary Magic in it, conveniently popping out of sight whenever a no-magic (or was it a muggle, I get those two confused) comes into sight. Or it might be really hard. And by hard I mean the kind of hard when you just don’t want to keep going on. That’s okay too. Whichever your day looks like, I hope you know there’s always a reason to smile.

For example, the Avengers 4 SECOND trailer came out! 😀 For another, the sun’s shining- the heater’s working, someone gave us a bag full of mini Snickers… wait, I’m hungry, one sec. XD

There are people who care for you. Somewhere. Somehow. In maybe the strangest of ways, they’re there. 🙂 Puppies exist. Hope exists. Chocolate ice cream can now come in extra big gallons. There are oreos that are gluten free. Peter Parker is coming back from the dust. There is a God, and He cared so much He sent someone to die for you, and even though He’s a King, you can request an audience 24/7. And He’ll listen. That’s more than smile worthy, I think.

Perhaps one day I’ll tell all. Maybe one day I won’t have to go about this roundabout way of saying things- maybe one day I’ll write it as it is.

For now though, I hope you have a great Saturday, and a great week, and that this random drabble was one of those things that has the power to make someone smile.

life is a highway, Jo


A New Month- Torture, Suffering, Pain, Brownies



And just like that it’s November.

Which I refuse to believe, because I swear it was just New Year’s. Where on this earth did the time go? Someone explain. Please.

Am I suppose to recap this month? Probably. So here goes.


I have 10 crazy assignments and half of them are due tomorrow and I need caffeine of some sort on a daily basis or I will go insane and it’s hot and then it’s cold and I think I’m supposed to be doing NaNoWriMo but school is being mean and I really can’t figure out what Jillian Marshall is up to.

There you have it.

We had thanksgiving, we laughed, we cried, we had pizza, life’s been good, life’s been tough. So lots of stuff going on.


Been very grateful for good friends who care, and spent hours laughing our heads off. 🙂

Worked and released Izoria’s Choice- which is the start of something that I won’t mention but feel free to wonder XD.

Wrote a retelling, then stopped it, simply because I have got no time.

Got lost on a Saturday and jumped off a tree.

Joined a pretty neat blog tour.

Started waking up early to spend more time with God (Can’t tell you what a blessing this is)

Went skating for the first time in a long time- and managed to borrow 5 wonderful books- 4 of which I managed to finish within 2 days of borrowing it.. 😛

Blogged a lot. More than I normally do.

Ranted quite a bit.

Was a good fangirl and stayed in the loop of every fandom (which is crazy because I spent hours on history and messed up the dates but have no problem coming up with a theory about Connie Kendall’s age)

Listened to some awesome music.

Got homework.


Life goes on. I am a tired person. 😛 Sometimes it gets really tough, y’know? But there’s grace and there’s chocolate (which I’m certain is an edible form of grace) and we’ll hang in there.


And well, for this entire monthish, I have picked out, once again, the favorites. You’re welcome.

Playing Faves…

Favorite Song:

Even If by MercyMe

My sister sent this to me on a not-so-good day of mine and.. man. It was, to understate, “my” song. Got me through a lot of hard and easy times.


Favorite Book:

Again, I hate choosing when it comes to books. Also note that I would gladly pick an alpha-read book but I can’t find the covers 😛 For this month, however, it would have to be…

Anne Of Ingleside, by L.M Montgomery.

See the source image

I’ve heard a lot about this book, especially after the trailer for the movie came out, and I finally read it.
To put it simply, it was a heart toucher. Reading how August lived his life, feeling with him as people were the mean hurtful selves they sometimes are- I can’t think of much to not like.
(I was highly tempted to put Anne of Ingleside and talk about how I’ve changed my opinion on the Anne/Gilbert ship but considering how I skipped half if the chapters because it was too wordy, I don’t think I’d do it justice. XD)


Favorite Quote:

Weeel, to be perfectly honest, there are a bunch of quotes I could come up with, but I’ll just leave you with this one because it means the most. 😉

Eugene Meltsner: He did not die to remove our sufferings. On the contrary, He told us to pick up our crosses and follow Him. In that command, He was telling us that we will indeed suffer, but the suffering could lead us back to God in the same way that His suffering led us all to God.

*nods* Amen, brother. Amen.


Now. November. What on this earth shall you bring on me? Probably NaNoWriMo. Probably finals. Probably a trip to the library to pay that fine I didn’t have enough change for in July. 😛 Probably a real snow.

And just maybe some extra hope. 🙂

And what with school, a lot of dark nights, and The Ties That Bind, I can use some of that. XD


Though rest assured, one way or another, you’ll see more of these lens. These slightly skewered, smudged lens.

Goodbye October. It was nice knowing you.


Writers Helping Writers- Writers Helping You!

I am so sorry if you don’t happen to be a writer, truly, but nevertheless I’d appreciate your attention to this exciting matter! 😀 Happy Sunday, everyone, and I sure hope you got some rest for another long haul.

So anyway. Back to the writing stuff. (I mean NaNo is coming soon so it’s appropriate, amirite?)

Recently I got to join two awesome blog tours by Kellyn Roth, a great writer, and now, the founder of…

Reveries Co.!

That’s right, there’s a brand new company on the block, and it’s created with looking-to-be-published writers in mind! (I.E. possibly you in a year or two 😉 ) But what exactly is Reveries Co. ? Glad you asked.

(I’m going to ramble. Sorry.)

So if you’re a wannabe writer, like myself, you wanna publish at some point in the future. Right? And if you wanna publish at some point in the future, you just might go for independent publishing… riiight? (Cause, y’know, it takes money and you gotta save money so you can make more books okay I’m done) Now if you agree to the first two questions, then you realize that…

– you have to make your own cover

-and you have to proofread and edit on your own

-let’s not even mention the dread scott that is marketing

-and publishing

-and trying to get the word out

-WEBSITES (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, a dot com)

-being professional TM


-basically it is going to be twice as hard

-and if you’re a Christian writer that’s even harder

-let alone a young Christian writer


A’course, you could always hire individual people, but truth be told, that’s even more money. Waa.

Not to sound market-y but you seriously do not have to anymore. 😀 Kellyn hasn’t only made a service for us writers ready to publish, she’s also gathered some amazing people from around the blogsphere (both Blogger and WordPress), whose talents are being combined into this awesome company that’s just getting things started!

And I realize that the above list can be pretty discouraging. As the rest of life can be, especially on Christian young writers. But you know what?

Young Christian writers are coming back with a vengeance. We were the readers of last year, who were inspired by books, whose hearts were inspired by books, by The Book. Our generation’s stuff doesn’t seem to be pretty good. Like… not good. And our Christian YA fiction seriously needs some alpha readers.

So, to borrow a phrase, we’ll have to do it ourselves.

That, my dears, is what Reveries Co. is here to help you for.

Check it out. Spread the word. Maybe you just might catch the eye of a future writer. 🙂

How will you know if you don’t?



Mountains, Gandalf. Mountains!


There are things in life that make you go, “wow.” It can be anything from a cake that plops out of the pan perfectly, to the Grand Canyon, finding out Mitch came back,  a really cool science experiment, a sunset, the ending of Infinity War, and a perfectly executed skate move. Take your pick.

My “wow” thing last Saturday was a random hike in bluffs in Scarborough.


I love hikes, I love roughing it out, climbing things, risking falling, discovering new paths, and capturing the whole thing on my camera. Thanks to school though, and then other projects, those times are few and far in between. But when they do come, it’s pretty epic.

Last Saturday I was plugging on this laptop for said secret project that I’m super excited about that I ain’t saying a thing about when my mother told us to get moving. It was only when we were all in the car did I find out we were going to Bluffer’s, a place I haven’t been since I was nine. Long time. Good times. Anyway, let’s skip the part with traffic, headaches, and lack of internet and jump into the part we began walking.


The good thing about fall hikes are no bug bites, beautiful foliage, and really fresh air. Not to mention perfect weather. The bad thing- where is the bad thing in this?


Thanks, brother. The shot wouldn’t have been as interesting without you. Anyway, nothing said nostalgia like walking through those muddy paths again- a’course we walked right through some poor couple’s photoshoot, complete with real flash and what not. I hope they didn’t mind.


Okay, so it wasn’t a mountain. It was still epic though. Although I probably was going to climb it if it weren’t for the obvious sign, the recent small landslide, certain death (because if the bluffs didn’t kill me my mother certainly would) and a camera. Hmph. 😦

But the view was more than worth it.


Look at that. It’s beautiful.

It was hard to take pictures of the whole thing without running into someone else taking a picture too, or (even worse) someone actually chipping off the bluffs. Which confuses me but oh well. 😛

About ten times you’da heard someone yelling at me to slow down, and with a view like this? I didn’t blame them. It’s amazing how beautiful God’s creation is.


Now, most of the time we go on hikes, we go to the main attraction, stay a while, then head back.

This time though, something musta taken over all of us, because we unanimously agreed to keep going. Which is probably a family thing, but oh well.


Okay, now that I think about it I probably convinced everyone to keep going, considering how far ahead I was. 😛 But hey, it worked out!


I think one of the “wow” things that made it for me was how peaceful the water was. It hardly looked like it was moving at all, and it kinda made me want to grab a canoe and paddle to the edge of the sea. Again, certain death stopped me. But still, it was so breath-taking. No joke, I had to catch my breath for a good five minutes.


Someone set a wittle adowable gnomon here, so I shall show it to you as well. I almost knocked it and myself over the log in the process. XD


By the time we decided to head back, we’d been walking for over two hours past a bluff, up a steep road, through a fancy neighborhood, and backwards (don’t ask.) And then there was one tiny problem.


We had to walk down the side of the bluff. Like straight down. As you can see ^.

To avoid sounding like a fisherman who got the big one I’ll just say it was a really interesting trip down. 😀 And added to the “wow”.

Which this whole hike was. And which is why I enjoyed it.  My only problem later was I was hungry. XD

Have a good day, all y’all!


Yippee-Kai-Yay-Hoo It Is JULY!!!

It’s July. It’s July. IT’S JULY!!!!!!!!!!


Where does the time go, people??? I need more of it!


-been in the air

-spent time with loved ones

-upgraded these lens

– watching my bell pepper plants grow!


-worked on a lil’ prank (that was successful)

I’ve even got to do some graphic design for different people!

-My constant posting paid off: The Ladybugs won Starling’s HARPs! Yaasss!!!

There have been so many thing, little blessings, little trials, a whopper of homework, and overall, life has gone by in a blink of an eye.

Through all of this month, from the first day to the coming last, God has been so good.


And now, WE GET A NEW MONTH!!!!! WHO-HOOO!!!!! Summer has finally come! In my opinion, it’s too hot, but hey, who am I to complain? Less school!! And yes, that’s less, because 1. I’m homeschooled and 2. taking advanced courses. So I’ll still have school, but less of it. It’s a win!


Plus, this wonderful stress-giver known as Camp NaNo is going to start in less than a day! Being in the same cabin with some other great bloggers and writers is already a ton of fun. Which proves the age old truth: it is better to stress over a deadline with a friend, then to stress over a deadline by yourself.


Ok, it’s not age old, but still pretty accurate, am I right? 🙂

Anyhoo, I thought I might recommend some favorites from this month, so if you’d like to stick around, keep scrolling!

Favorite Song:

Here Be Lion’s Only A Holy God.

Who else commands all the hosts of heaven?
Who else could make every king bow down?
Who else can whisper and darkness trembles?
Only a holy God

What other beauty demands such praises?
What other splendor outshines the sun?
What other majesty rules with justice?
Only a holy God

Come and behold Him
The One and the only
Cry out, sing Holy
Forever a holy God
Come and worship the holy God 

Any words I would have for this would only make it less.

There are also Owl City’s Not All Heroes Wear Capes, and 5th Of July, but they don’t really compare to this.

Favorite Book:

The End Of The Spear, by Steve Saint

Image result for End of the Spear Online

Again, what words do you have for this book? The true story of what happened after the killing of the five missionaries in the Amazon jungles of Ecuador by Waodani warriors is amazing. Not just because of the brave men who gave their lives for Christ, though very much so; but also because of how those same warriors turned to Christ, and how Steve Saint, whose father Nate Saint was among those killed, grew up loving the very same ones who killed his father. Only God could make that possible.

My words don’t do it justice, no matter what I say. If you can, go read this book- and be blessed because of its story.

Favorite Bible Verse:

Well, you see, the whole Bible is my favorite! It’s hard to just pick just one. But I will give out one for this month!

Image result for james 1 17

Bible Bee has been a real blessing.


Looking back over the month, it’s pretty surreal to think that just like that, the year is halfway over. Life is moving at a faster rate then we can register. So this month, let’s make the most of it.

Thanks for reading! Have a happy National Camera Day! (I think that’s a thing.)




Scribble Scrabble

  This post is dedicated to my loving big sister, who helped push me off on the boat of writing fiction, who always listens, and who keeps saying that it’s “I am well” not “I am good”. 

 I love ya! 😀 

Hey everyone! I’m back, for a nice long random post, to tell y’all all about life and try to get some points for Starling’s Happy And Random Posts Contest! Yes, I know that’s all I’ve been doing, but I did warn you I was competitive. (If I’m in a contest, by automatic, I’ll measure the points up. Yeah, not a really good thing.)

First off, can anybody believe that it’s June?? I can’t! Time has flown by and left me saying, “can I put you on pause for just two minutes??”

So, how was life this past month? Today?

“I’m busy, busy, dreadfully busy! You’ve no idea what I’ve had to do!”- (Veggietales, Are You My Neighbor?)

This pretty much sums me up.

It was busy. It is busy, but full, and good.



School well, is school. Got to finally finish a history paper that I’ve been working on for a while; algebra is actually slightly understandable; and grammar isn’t so bad! Still though, I’ll be glad when school takes a break.


I wasn’t able to tell y’all what I’m thankful for that starts with T last last time, so now I am! I’m thankful for turon.

What in the world is turon???

Turon is an awesome Filipino dessert that my mom cooks once in a while. It’s great! Basically it’s a banana slice, dipped in brown sugar, and rolled inside a spring roll wrapper. If you never tried it go and search it up it’s great!!! And I’m definitely thankful for turon.


Hmm… well, what’s up here?

I got to transplant my bell pepper plant that somehow hasn’t died yet! I’m really glad this has been growing for so long.



What else? Hm. Besides school papers, I’ve been doing some writing for fun. I hope y’all enjoy the below! I’m not much of a writer, but I do enjoy it.  

The Storm

The storm was raging, violent, and fierce. Its lightning bolts whipped the sky, its thunder boomed in anger. It destroyed randomly, pulling trees from its roots, reducing anything and everything to mere stubble in its unending rampage.

“Get the children into the house!” My father ordered. We hastily ran into the house as it began to hail. Great stones of ice fell from the ominous grey clouds above.

The sound of hail hitting the roof cascaded all around us, from the ceiling to the floor. The little ones cried in fear as a bolt of lightning struck an oak tree, turning its leaves to ash. We older girls tried to comfort them, but in vain, for our voices could not be raised louder than the howling wind.

My father, my brothers, my uncles and their sons were still outside in the unceasing rain and hail, desperately trying to herd as much of the cattle as they could into the barns. Our mothers prayed for their safety. When the last heifer was safe, the men took to shelter at last.

“This has got to be the worst storm in all our years combined,” Uncle Dan declared, his voice rising above the still howling wind and thudding hail. Our clan was gathered in the main room, eating what little food we had left. “I don’t think it’ll stop,” my father said, looking out the window. I did as well. The storm showed not one single sign of ending, raining and raging all the more.

I gasped as I looked closer at the window. My brother, not quite five, was outside in the storm! We had left him in our haste to safety. The hail was hitting his poor little head as he cried.

Without a second thought, I dashed into the storm.

I was pretty cruel here, wasn’t I? Oh well. Next one!


The Song I Heard

I heard the chirp, chirp, chirp ring throughout the street

I wondered what marvel could make music that much sweet

As I stopped to take it in

My eye caught you warble the song you sing

IMG_0982 - Copy

And the song I heard

Was too delightful for words

It talked of spring and life and new starts

That does good to one’s heart



I could put words to music

But not music to words

I wished to somehow capture

The song I heard


For the song I heard

Was sunlight in a cloudy day

Brought a smile to one’s face

And cheer in the gray


You flitted to the rail

And ushered in your symphony

To prepare for the finale


For though you sang of spring

The snow was coming

At length you flew off the rail

And left me with the song I heard


A poem to a happy sparrow who wouldn’t stop singing. You keep doin’ you, lil’ birdie.


Random Feature Of The Day!

A close-up of an orange! (Can’t get more random that that, now can you?)



wandered a bit there, huh? Well, this is a random post!

Hm.. what else has come up? Oh yeah, this:


Yup, the clouds are turning gray. The sky is really fascinating when it gets like this! Maybe that’s why I like taking pictures of it. 😀

Meanwhile, indoors has us strumming away.



And um…. what’s a neat verb for playing the piano other than playing the piano? Yes, that one.


We’re all stir crazy over here! (Mostly me, but shh.) And yeah! That’s my month rolled up into a post!

But before I go, (and to convince you I’m really random) here’s some pictures of birds that I took this month!



If you look closely, you can see a sparrow headfirst into a pan of seeds.




And to just get rid of the repetitive points calculator: 3+ 18(2)+ 4(2) = 3+ 36+ 8= 47 points!

Thanks for reading!

My Submission For Lydia’s Photography Contest! Part 1



It’s Friday. It’s Friday. It’s Friday!!! *jumps, yodels, and screams at the top of her lungs*

Are you excited for the weekend or not???

Ok, I need to calm down.

Well,, without further ado (ado ado ado to do ado..) here is my submission for Lydia’s first category: mornings!



Whew! That was pretty short. I’ll try to take it up a notch later on.

 Fun Fact: Some bugs are crushed and their skeletons are added to red gummies! Don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

A Trip Out Of Town

It's _NewKicks Friday!

Greetings and salutations! I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend.

Earlier today, (6 in the morning to be precise) my family and I drove to Buffalo for a quick jaunt. It was quite the fun time!


The sky was clear, the air fresh, the sun up, it was beautiful! Especially since yesterday we had a bad storm, and some power lines and trees were knocked over.

On our way, I spotted an office building called Nova Steel Production… *wide eyes* Is this a sign? (AIO fans, this is for you. If you don’t get it just keep on scrolling!)




These are pictures of the big bridges we crossed. I love crossing bridges. It’s kind of scary, but thrilling at the same time!

We also got to see the great Niagara Falls while we were driving!  


Why was this blurry??
Horseshoe Falls, so named because of its horseshoe shape.


  Fun Facts About the Falls

  •   the name Niagara was taken and adapted from the Mohawks.
  • Niagara Falls is separated into three falls: Horseshoe, American, and the Bridal Veil falls.
  • The biggest falls, Horseshoe, is on the Canadian side. (Yipee! 🙂 )
  • More than 6 million cubic feet of water goes over every minute. That’s a lot of water! Think of all the swimming pools it’d fill.
  • in 1901, Michigan school teacher Anne Edson Taylor went over the falls in nothing but a barrel. What’s shocking? She was only 63 years old!


Alright, time to take off the tour guide hat now. Wikipedia has such useful information, doesn’t it?

We entered New York through Niagara Falls, and passing by the streets in the early morning was so fun!


One pretty interesting thing about morning driving is that you get to see all the big stores and businesses closed, and empty. We passed by a store dedicated to Hershey’s chocolate (yum) and displayed old ads from the 1900s featuring Hershey’s. I also saw this tiny, tiny ice cream shop shaped like a giant cone. It reminded me a lot of Whit’s End! Sadly however, I couldn’t get any good pictures of both shops.

We stayed around for a bit, saw some places, then headed back. And thus concludes our mini road trip! I hope you’ve enjoyed! Do you like road trips? Have you ever seen the Falls? Let me know, won’t you?

And here to reward you for bearing with me is a picture of a Hershey’s kiss! Thanks for reading!






A Very Boring Scribble Scrabble/Life Update

Welcome to Scribble Scrabble/Life Update, where I will type anything that pops into my head! (Well, not literally, of course, that wouldn’t go well!) Only this time, it’s pretty boring.

“Another Scribble Scrabble?” you say. “You did that last time.”

Well, life has been busy. So, stick with me, ok?



Say no more! It’s the weekend!

And I, for one, am really glad it is the weekend, because despite popular opinion that home schoolers do nothing, we actually do have a lot on our proverbial plates. The week’s been mostly tests, tests, quiz, tests. Hand in paper, hand out test.

School may make you learn things, but it also takes a big chunk of time. So I was pleasantly surprised when I found I had room to..




Writing is becoming fast a friend. Thanks to Literature, and all the reading I get to do, and all the plots, themes, characters, and dialogue thrown my way, I decided to do something crazy.

I decided to write a novel.

I believe that God has given us great gifts- imagination and creativity. We can ignore them and let our gifts shrivel up, or we can use them to create poems and stories and books!

With that in mind, I opened my laptop and typed in Chapter One.

Then slowly, the plot grew. Then the characters.

Then I had writer’s block.

Coincidentally, it was also April Camp NaNo. (Funny how it works out, huh?)  While I’m not in camp, I did plan to at least work out more of the plot. Did I?


Ahh! It’s not easy, but it sure is fun! Many thanks to Rebekah for sprinting with me, and Mom for being my alpha reader! Also, if you’re interested in reading a portion of my WIP (Work In Progress) I did put the first chapter here!


This is more of a question, but how do you save on storage space? I have way too many pictures, but obviously I can’t just delete them. Any tips/ advice is greatly appreciated! Comment below!



One of the quirks of being into photography is that you always want to be with your camera wherever you go. Whether it’s a walk in the park or a drive in the car, you have to take a picture of it. And when you leave your camera behind..

*bursts into loud, heartbreaking sobs*

But.. lately my camera’s been close at hand, mostly because I’m always using it, and also because of Hannah’s Springing Into Life Photography Challenge! Go Team Leaf! (If you can’t tell I’m really excited for this!)

Moving on! Some recent pictures:

We went to a birthday party today, and while most everyone were playing these party games, I was taking pictures.


They had the most fascinating kind of desserts.

(It was Minnie Mouse themed, so….)

Heading home I caught these very pretty contrails. Not the black dot, though. That’s actually a helium filled balloon I released. It’s pretty fun! 🙂


And on that note, I shall leave you to enjoy your evening. See? I told you it would be boring!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a chapter to worry about.

Thanks for reading.

Are you a fan of birthday parties? What’s your favorite subject? Is releasing a helium balloon enjoyable or the opposite?