This Is The Moment You’ve Waited For (April’s HEREEEEEEEEEE!)


Mm, I made two references to two pretty great musicals. 😀 Y’all should be proud a me. But guess what guys? It’s a new month- and it’s a new camp NaNoWriMo *cheers lustily* And I should also mention that pranks are present, roll your eyes and deal with it. (Like I don’t have one myself, eheh.) Quicky recap because those are fun, and we’ll get on with this. XD


March was hard. Goodbye March. But some of the greatest stuff happened that I’m grateful for.

-My family saw Captain Marvel. Admittedly, it wasn’t the greatest- but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a great movie! Really enjoyed it. 😀

-I wrote for my life even though it wasn’t NaNo, just to see if I could. 15k in 3 days!! 😀 That’s a record. I’m sure at least a quarter is junk, but I did it. I actually genuinely did it.

-I’ll be honest, a ton happened that I wish didn’t. A lot of times I just wanted to curl up into a ball and hop into the Pacific Ocean and drown away. Thank you to the friends who convinced me otherwise. (And for the memes. You know who you are. :P)

-us Audiosmithers released one of my favorite dramas. ❤

-I discovered Newsies (I think this one is obvious, you guys.)

-And Hamilton (that’s another post in itself)

-and the sweetest movie that ever was

Related image
me realizing it’s April
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my first reaction

-Spring came before Winter crashed right back onto the scene so that was rather nice


-Crushed Algebra (and in return, got crushed myself)

-late nights became my best friends

-as were snickers bites

-I may or may not have done something to my blog. I think I should fix it, but ah.

-Arya Stark is surprisingly like one of my characters, and now I’m having an existential crisis trying to figure out if GoT stole from me, or I stole from GoT O_O

-ended up with some rather interesting scenes and plotted for my new novel at church. On notebook paper. In smudged writing. For about 25 minutes. 🙂

March, you marched on. Good for you.


Favorite Song

Ben Rector is a master of using common words to write priceless gems, and Brand New was probably one of his bests. (They’re all good though. XD) Up there with this is Winners Don’t Quit by Owl City, and Little Things by Maddie Poppe. 🙂

Favorite Book

Love to EveryoneAlso known as Love To Everyone, this book hit me right in the feels as I was reading it. Clarry is such a well written character, and the setting- the setting is just so real. And it’s sad. And heartbreaking. And just- ahh what do you say about a book that’s so good you can’t just say it?? *dies*







Favorite Quote




Rend Collective - “Counting every blessing”

And this.

Listen to the song "Joy" by Rend Collective. Fits this quite perfectly

And most importantly this.

So all that to say,


Oh. That prank.

It’s actually not a prank.

It’s a parody. A NaNoWriMo parody.


(yes, it’s cringey and bad and my voice sounds terrible but I had a ton of fun pretending to be a Broadway singer and altering the lyrics so please laugh as much as you want and I hope you enjoy 😀 )




Life Update: Enjoying The Little Blessings- Emphasis on “Little”


I have spent like ten minutes trying to come up with an opening to this ramble, but I’ll just scrap it and go for saying that I, like the general population, am tired and weary and seriously candy- deprived. Reformation Day (or Halloween for you utter heathens) couldn’t come soon enough. But I’m here, just resting. I gotta say it’s a relief.

Along with my cousin Jj who’s as sarcastic as me, I can’t imagine who on earth would even bother to read about my day. Unlike Jj, that little annoy- uh… person, I have decided to go ahead anyway. 😛

-Enjoyed seeing the sky change from pitch black to a light blue, and not hearing a single soul bother me

-happily watched scenes from movies on YT and somehow wasn’t guilty

-spent some time stretching (i.e splits, dangling off beams, and handstands XD)

-actually made a decent breakfast (not a granola bar or a piece of fruit)

– got to go skating (EEEP!!) for the first time in 7 months, somehow tried skating backwards without stumbling


-listened to The Toy and still have very conflicting opinions on it (on one hand I love how everyone got together JASON HEY MAN, and on the other hand I felt very much made POLEHAUS DON’T YOU KNOW GOING DOWNTOWN CAN BE TRAMATIZING)

-The absolutely best thing ever: I went to the library and got BOOKS. BOOKS. BOOKS!


(Look at that amazing compilation of beauty and man I can’t believe how lovely it is I can’t breathe someone get me more books I got Wonder y’all)

I don’t know why I’m listing all these little things that don’t mean much to anyone except me, but to sum up, these little blessings put a smile on my face, and that goes a long way.

Life doesn’t have to be big huge exciting things. Sometimes God sends you little things to enjoy, to show you He cares.

I hope you find ’em too. 🙂 Happy Saturday!




What Christian YA Fiction Could Improve On (By Someone Who Has No Clue What On Earth She’s Talking About)

Some random golf course, taken from an open widow. Man, it was foggy.

Hello world. It’s 11:24 PM, and I should be asleep. But I’m not. Ha!

Rejoice, I’m not smothering you with more of The Ugly Duckling. Though I’d like to. 🙂 Unfortunately though, there’s something called life. And there’s also something called homework. I stayed up til 12 trying to finish it. Let’s just say I’m still muttering the associative property of addition.

I’ve also been reading a lot, which is a little different from the random scrolling on Pinterest I’m used to. And a lot of the reading was mostly Christian YA fiction. Which was great! Just… well..

I just think we could do a little better.

So… uh… oh man, what am I doing? I don’t mean to offend anyone, especially cause we have amazing Christian writers! Please don’t kill me, kay? *breathes in* Well, here goes.


What we could make better in Christian YA fiction

Don’t assume that because you’re under the label of Christian, what ever you produce is gonna be good.

And this isn’t just books. This is movies (I’m glaring at you, God’s Not Dead 3) and music, and yeah, media in general. If we really are doing everything to the glory of God, we shouldn’t be sloppy with what we write. (Uhh, heh, I’m one to talk, I know..) Poor character arcs, bad plots, and themes that are underemphasized and overemphasized in different places of the story make a bad story. Come on, people you has potential! You can be a whole lot better than this! You better, at least.


Stop being preachy. Just stop. 

*sighs* I know I opened a can of worms. And I know that this sounds so wrong coming from a pastor’s kid. Well, I’m saying it because this really bugs me in stories. Am I saying you shouldn’t mention faith in a novel? No! That’s just wrong. What I am saying is, don’t have your main character deliver a perfect outline of salvation to some hardened bad guy, reciting Bible verses off the top of their heads, in the King James no less. Unless your MC is a preacher or a evangelist- just, put it where it makes sense for cryin’ out loud! And for goodness’ sake, you can tell if a character’s speech was copied after a tract. You can present the gospel through a charrie’s dialogue without making him so… forced, professional, robotic-y. It just makes the story less interesting.

You want a good example of the gospel wonderfully presented in a way that doesn’t choke? In Search Of Honor, by Donnalyn Hess is so amazing. That’s how you do it!


Christians make so many mistakes and have so many character flaws. Don’t shape them out to be all perfect and saintly. Even the saints themselves were sinners.

In one book I read, it seemed that almost everyone could recite Bible verses off the top of their heads and talked so eloquently, and had such wonderful Christian fellowship with each other. And that’s nice, that truly is, but so far, nothing has ever made me feel so disconnected reading it. Even if your book’s set in 1860, having people say, “I am receiving an attitude of humbleness gradually and do ask of you-” is the fastest way to making me put the book down. We are sinners saved by grace! We’re proud, we bicker, we do things for us and us along at times! We’re not always so self sacrificing and so up there.

Show me some big character flaws. Show me a Christian who’s struggling with bitterness and has a hard time coming to terms with it. Show me someone who’s having a hard time believing God’s good. Show me an elder of the church having anger problems and desperately trying to curb it. And then show me how God helps them. Because that’s how life is.

Man, that was long.


Be wary when writing about spiritual topics. Or reading, for that matter. 

By this I mean angels, spirits, the angel devil fight thing going on. As awesome as it is, just be careful? A great deal of that is educated speculation. Especially writing it in dystopian/futuristic novels, that’s a lot of speculation. I don’t mean avoid it entirely. I mean, Chuck Black’s written some awesome books with angels as characters, Adventures In Odyssey’s touched on it with Malachi, and let’s see.. there’s been others. But there have been others that have, well, messed with it. Maybe more than they should have. And I’m saying this from a reader’s perspective, I have no clue how one could make sure the writing of angels is in line with the Bible, but if you could, that would be really nice.


Huh. That was longer than I thought it would be. I’m sorry it was long and incoherent.

Guys, I don’t mean to be down on Christian YA writers. We guys can praise God through fiction and write amazing stuff. I’ve seen it. But we can be better. I know it. So, uh, if you’re not offended by me yet.. and you’re a writer..

There’s a generation of young Christian readers that need some good books. We’re counting on you.