WIPs (Works- In- Progress, If you Must Know.)

Hello there. Lemme get back to ya on this, okay? 🙂

Okay, I’m back. And here are my WIPs, if you’re interested. Do not steal, and we just might get along.


Title: Mirages

Genre: Dystopian/Futuristic

Synopsis: In a world where technological advances are everything, and God is banned from being thought about, Dareine Penner and her adopted brother Solidan Lostson thrive on constant training. But will Dareine’s secret, Solidan’s sudden disappearance, and a secret program change that? And what does a 20 foot wall have to do with anything?

Status: Second draft, hopefully will be completed next year.





42608166_150372545901904_263738561369473024_n Title: Just Come Home

Genre: Realistic/ Mystery

Synopsis: Gale Darn lives in a tiny town up in the mountains of Colorado, having a good life as a wannabe photographer and farm girl, waiting for her dad and uncle to come home from the war. But when the news of her uncle’s death strikes her family, Gale’s gonna have to learn to cope with the new changes in her life- including a trio of strangers that keep popping in and out.

Status: Third draft, in rewriting.

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